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Sullivan and Bok stand up at the Adelaide Fringe

17 February 2013 9,280 views No Comment

Alex Croker reviews Sullivan and Bok’s February 15th Adelaide Fringe show
and talked to them earlier about their comedy work.

Sullivan and BokSullivan and Bok are two Melbourne based comedians calling Adelaide home this Fringe Festival. These witty self-confessed ‘hipster magpies’ perform much more individually than as a pair. Though parts of the show do overlap, they are two artists combining to provide a longer show than they would be able to individually.

Bok opened the evening with a well crafted performance. It travelled through skits Bok is well known for such as “women’s shoes”, ended with a very descriptive story regarding an ingrown hair. All of which the audience at the Red Room seemed to agree with. Bok also shared stories regarding bad tattoos, embarrassing bodies, rangas’ life choices and coined the term ‘antigasm’. Overall, Lauren Bok thrived and stretched my expectations of her in future. However, I was hoping to see new content and less of that for which she is known in Melbourne. That said, I guarantee that the performance would be enjoyed by all. If you are looking for a comedy show in the early evening I highly recommend Lauren’s performance.

Next, Sullivan entered the stage with a transition of YouTube inspired ukulele. Though entertaining in parts Sullivan performed much of her act low to the ground where much of the audience would have had trouble engaging with her. Though the Red Room at the Austral is quite cosy, I believe that the performance would benefit from being able to engage with Sullivan more – a place where Bok excelled.

As a pair, the characters of Sullivan and Bok contrasted greatly. Bok appeared more astute and mature. Sullivan however displayed tendencies to be youthful and surreal. This contrast was interesting and allowed the audience to be gripped by a ‘mother-daughter’ style relationship. This relationship could have been better explored by the duo.

Overall, I enjoyed the performance. However, I would have preferred seeing more of ‘Sullivan and Bok’ and less ‘Sullivan’, and ‘Bok’. I had the impression that the performance was going to incorporate the artists together more often than it did. In parts it would have been refreshing if the comedians interchanged and used the crowd further. That said, I it is great to have the girls
over from Melbourne and if I find myself in the comedy clubs of Melbourne I would definitely see them again. I expect we will see more of these girls in future years and I hope I have the opportunity to see their performances develop, a good up-and-coming show.

Earlier, Sullivan and Bok were kind enough to answer a few questions about their show and life in general.

If you girls could do anything while you’re here in Adelaide what would it be?

We’re going to take in a wine tour because we’re ladies, and then get too drunk, because we’re laaaaadies. Also there’s some wicked record shops and other cool junk to scurry back home to Melbourne with like hipster magpies.

Great, we have some amazing cellar doors here in South Australia. A little more Fringe specific, which other shows are you hanging out to see this year?

Definitely some cool Melbourne kids like Neil Sinclair’s Phoney, Vic Healy’s Anatomy, Angus Brown’s Mania, and Bart Freebarn’s The Age of Wonder.

It’s great to have so many inter-state as well as international acts at this years Fringe. I know that artists have to gauge a crowd and its mood during a show, particularly for audience participation. How do you guys feel about audience participation?

We LOVE audience participation, and we take it upon ourselves to bring everyone into our own brand of fun. Some of them might be a little bit kicky and screamy, we don’t believe in bad situations, we just see audience members that aren’t our friends…yet.

Awesome. So surely you have had something hilarious happen at your show. What would you say your funniest experience with your show your be?

When we did our rehearsal show in Bok’s backyard we got heckled by two rosellas. They were doing it.

If you could go back in time and tell people something was a bad idea before it happened, when would you go, what would you say, and why?

Sullivan: I’d go back to myself at grade 5 camp and tell myself to have a shower. Just go have at least one shower.

Bok: Gross. Also, um, because world peace?

I completely agree Sullivan. Lastly, plug time. What do we need to know about Sullivan and Bok?

It’s some solid gold stand up, and a few snippets of us in our own little world. We’re at the Red Room at the Austral Hotel, 15th Feb until 2nd March, 6pm, no shows Mondays.

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