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Schneider’s Alley in Adelaide’s spooky Stonyfell a top attraction

3 May 2012 34,692 views 4 Comments
Schneider's Alley in Stonyfell

      The real Schneider's Alley in Stonyfell

A spooky walkway and park in Stonyfell are attracting more night-time visitors than ever since a Youtube video was posted recently, and some local residents aren’t happy.

The benefits to the local economy (surely these nocturnal tourists are spending money at local shops and the Feathers Hotel) aren’t enough to make up for the screams of terror heard in the dead of night that don’t let Stonyfellas and Stonyfillies sleep through.

Inaccurate reporting by Adelaide media is likely to exacerbate the problem, with reports on Adelaide Now and in other News Corporation media telling people that the Michael Perry Reserve is also known as Schneider’s Alley.

In fact it’s Andrews Walk that is the alley in question and it’s that claustrophobic route and nearby Clifton Manor that are the purported sites of previous ghostly goings-on.

Stories of a haunting at Clifton Manor by former owner Dr Michael Schneider have been around for years, but as aresident of the area, I can report that most of the paranormal activity after dark can be attributed to the antics of randy koalas and possums.

You can watch the viral video that’s to blame for the surge is troublesome teen activity below, but beware, you may get more than you bargained for… We’d love to read about your comments about paranormal experiences in Adelaide!


  • Jordan Smith said:

    Ive been to schneiders ally 5 times. and some spooky stuff does go on. my friends girlfriend stood next to the bush just after the arch way to go onto andrews walk and she felt soemthing grab her in the bush but she pulled away and she lifted up her top and there were finger scratch marks on her back. and her some freaky screaming like it explains on the schneiders ally website.
    at the shed past the fence idk what is there but whatever it is it gets really angry easy if people go there. ive seen heard things there.i came out of that place talking to no one and not remembering the drive back to marion. i kept squeezing my girlfriends hand really tight.
    and one night there was no wind and it was warm. next thing we allw alk into this cold spot and heard this massive bang so i ran and nearly left 2 of my mates behind at the shed past the fence. after i got back in the other side my girlfriend and my best mate said they could hear footsteps that didnt sound like any other others and heard growling. so people can say its not haunted but it really is.

  • Allen Tiller said:

    We have been investigating at this location for sometime, we were the first professional paranormal team to really look into the goings on here and research the DR and his family.
    From our research we can tell you that Dr Schneider and family were upstanding members of their community. The “alley”,which was actually once the front entrance of the property is most likely an over exaggerated urban legend.
    As Stated in the story above, most of the “haunting” sounds are wildlife, plus over active imaginations…

    You can read our research on our website on this page:

  • Jamie d said:

    I went and had a look tonight with some mates, it was fairly cold but when I pulled up on the little drive way sort of thing before the actual entrance to shine my lights down to suss it out a bit, my windows fogged up! Myself and my mates drove around the corner to see where it continues and there is pitch black with this little light in the distance. There is definitely some spooky shit going on down there!

  • rad said:

    just run for your life

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