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Gigi Edgley says “Adelaide, watch out!” Oz Comic-Con’s coming

26 March 2012 40,314 views 30 Comments

Mark Gamtcheff spoke to Gigi Edgley last week about her upcoming visit to Adelaide for the inaugural Oz Comic-Con, March 31 and April 1. You can read the full interview here.


Gigi EdgleyWhen I spoke to Gigi Edgley she was about to fly from Sydney to Melbourne to participate in the Australian Unicycle Society Uninats with her fiancé who’s a world champion in the sport.

I started by admitting that Farscape, the science fiction series Gigi starred in for four and a half seasons, isn’t one I’m very familiar with. Aware that she could tell me anything and I might not know any better, she started by telling me “Well, the episode that Spielberg directed was my favourite.”

She continued: “It was pretty much my my first long-running television series and I was just a baby. I was 22, 23 and I got cast as this awesome alien.” Gigi said. “Three and a half hours of makeup every day. I was only meant to be on for one episode and they liked the look and the style and the vibe of the character so she ended up sticking around…”

Gigi Edgley as ChianaThat character was Chiana, a grey-skinned alien of the Nebari race, who proved to be very popular, due to Gigi’s convincing portrayal of her mercurial and physical nature.

In reality, Spielberg had no official input into Farscape. Another creative powerhouse of our time, The Jim Henson Company, was behind it.

“I am so in love with the Jim Henson Company and Dark Crystal and Labyrinth and… their creatures,” Gigi told me, “I’m probably a lot more in love with the phantasmagorical world as opposed to the sci-fi world, but I’m not allowed to say that at conventions. I’ll get thrown off the stage into the Klingons.”

At the first Oz Comic-Con in Adelaide there will, no doubt, be Klingons, Vulcans and other Star Trek races attending, alongside stormtroopers from Star Wars, and other fans who’ll choose to come as their favourite anime and comic characters.

Gigi Edgley told me she loves attending science fiction and comic “cons”, and explained that they were her “bread and butter” when she was living Stateside and was between acting jobs.

“One thing that I really adore about (conventions) is that you actually get to meet the people that support your dream. I’ve worked on lots of different television shows from Stingers and Secret Life of Us, to films in the States and there is no other production style that offers you the chance to go to actually meet people and hear the feedback,” she said.

“When a fan comes up to you and has been waiting a day in a line to see you just to say hello and shake your hand and they’re shaking and teary and saying, “You inspired me to get through a really hard time in my life,”…it’s like, wow, this is really quite a special exchange.”

“I’ve been flown all around the States and to Europe and everywhere really, to have these amazing weekends in fantastic places with people that just adore what I adore,” Gigi said, “Yeah. Adelaide, watch out.”

Gigi Edgley spoke highly of her Farscape colleagues, including Ben Browder who’s also coming to Adelaide. “It was a very special family… because the hours were so incredibly long and the make-up’s so intense, you literally lived, breathed, cried, everything that show, ate that show. People were really daring and weren’t afraid to push each other’s buttons and that’s when you get the real chemistry on set.”

Gigi Edgley in Rescue: Special Ops.Recently Gigi Edgley completed three seasons of Rescue: Special Ops. The next time we see her on Australian TV will be in Tricky Business on Channel 9. The series, originally titled “Bad Debts in Wollongong”, and produced by Screentime who made the Underbelly franchise, follows the exploits of a family of debt collectors.

Gigi went and read the script, and fell in love with her character immediately. “She’s a mum, she’s a boss, she’s an undercover cop, she’s a mercantile agent,” Gigi said, “and it’s so clever the way they’ve set it up.”

Blue Shift image by Shane WhiteI also asked Gigi about Blue Shift, a new science fiction adventure comic series she’s co-wrote with Brian Meredith of Micro Brew Comics, who is also co-founder of the Emerald City ComiCon.

“It’s actually based on the little film that I’ve shot called Nobody Knows. That and Blue Shift are actually related to each other. Blue Shift is about a girl that gets sucked up into space and the adventures that she goes on and the craziness that she encounters. And Nobody Knows is about a girl who’s an actress who plays a girl who got sucked up into space,” she told me. “So we’re trying to create many different levels because I love the David Lynch vibe… and fans really get into different mediums that all relate with each other.”

In Adelaide, Gigi will join an impressive list of special guests. Oz Comic-Con’s recently added actors Ben Browder (Farscape) and Matt Doran (The Matrix, Star Wars – Attack of the Clones),  illustrator and comic book artist Doug Holgate, and manga graphic novelist Queenie Chan.

For brief bios of all the other special guests listed below, check out our previous article.

  • Jewel Staite (Firefly, Serenity, Stargate Atlantis),
  • Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation),
  • Bill Farmer (the voice of Disney’s Goofy and Pluto),
  • Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints, Young Indiana Jones),
  • Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead),
  • Corin Nemec (Stargate: SG-1)
  • Stewart McKenny (Super Friends, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures)
  • Nicola Scott (Teen Titans, Birds of Prey, JSA, Secret Six)

You can follow @gigiedgley on Twitter and find her on Facebook and at gigiedgley.com

For more information on Oz Comic-Con in Adelaide and Melbourne in 2012
see www.ozcomicon.com. Follow @OzComicCon on Twitter.

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  • KerryJ said:

    Twitter name: @kerryjcom Love scifi and fantasty and looking forward to Comic-Con here in Adelaide!

  • Andrew said:

    Can we try and get a Klingon to visit and sample the Barossa? @andrewecoulson

  • Luke said:

    This event sounds awesome, fingers crossed I can get some freebies.

    (Twitter: halfthai)

  • Jessica said:

    I am so excited for Adelaide Comic-Con! (I am coming from Melbourne!) Here have a useless story; My dad used to sit me down as a small child in front of Farscape and I never quite remembered it till I had recurring dreams many years later as a teen of this funny blue/grey Alien and friends! Once I remembered what on Earth I was actually dreaming about I got the series on DVD and watched it all again!! :)

  • Alexandra said:

    Yay, I’ve loved Farscape ever since I saw the first episode back in 1999! Hard to believe it’s been so long since then *grins*
    Twitter name be: @AlexEatsBooks

  • Rachael said:

    Absolutely huge fan of FARSCAPE. Loved the series and all the characters and villans. Scorpy was such a love / hate character. Hope you have a fab time in Adelaide :) @RSRigda.

  • David said:

    Have been a scifi fan since I was but a little boy watching Tom Baker Episodes with my dad. I am @lordfolland.

  • Lauren said:

    Can’t wait for Adelaide ComicCon! I really want a photo with Ben and Gigi…..is this possible?? 😀 It will be awesome!! Twitter: @zophyte

  • Mark Gamtcheff (author) said:

    A photo with Ben and Gigi IS possible! :)

  • Kate said:

    was disappointed i missed comic – con last year i heard it was great we love sci fi @ktsablonde

  • Belinda said:

    @accrues on twitter here. So excited, have a friend from fan circles that I’m “meeting” for the first time coming from Sydney to go to this with me, so a double pass would be amazing~ either way we’re looking forward to a weekend of fun and excitement, romping around Adelaide!

  • Morgan Kennedy said:

    I <3 Farscape and Gigi
    Massive fan for years… sad when it ended but ecstatic when the films were released. Can't wait to meet Gig and Ben Bowder

  • Di said:

    I’m a massive sci-fi fan (my favourite is Star Trek:TNG) so I watched Farscape religiously when it was on TV. Such fond memories, and I loved the Chiana character. I didn’t realise Gigi had to sit through 3.5 hours of makeup every day, though!
    @ShinyGlitterBug on Twitter

  • Sam said:

    I’m looking forward to meeting some of my favourite sci-fi stars, hopefully next year even more come as well.
    twitter: @chaosrand

  • Luke said:

    I loved Gigi in Farscape.
    Would love to meet her and the Boondock Saints brothers.

  • Tara Simpson said:

    Twitter: Verticalthought. I’m really, really exited for Adelaide Comic-Con! It’ll be my first convention ever, since I previously lived out in the country.

  • David said:

    I love that cool stuff like this is starting to happen in Adelaide, the previously ‘forgotten’ city. Really looking forward to it. Farscape was always one of my favourite scifi shows. @smile_dave

  • Andrew said:

    ‘the tickets give to @andrewecoulson you will’

  • Kalista said:

    Ha! Will be a great instagram opp! @KalistaCampbell

    Now to get my costume sorted…

  • LJ said:

    A comment! @brbsiberia on twitter.

  • Celeste @ Becoming Beautiful said:

    Only just moved to Adelaide, so would love to check this out! @berrytravels

  • Mike said:

    @MikeSA1965 would very much like to visit @OzComicCon. Look forward to meeting with like minded fun people.

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  • Shai Coggins said:

    Really keen to know how Comic Con Adelaide will turn out. Was so excited when I found out about this a few months ago.

    If I can’t make it, I’ll look forward to pics and blog posts. :-)

  • R2D2 said:

    @r2inadelaide is so looking forward to comic con! Come and see Artoo and friends. Hopefully Gigi will kiss my dome!

  • Sami said:

    Should be a good time? Really happy its coming to Adelaide. Now what to wear?@sami070911

  • Kirsty McKenzie said:

    About time Adelaide finally got a con like this. And to be the launch location of Oz Comic-Con is such a coup! Loved Gigi’s comments about meeting fans at cons too. Cheers, @_SpatialK_

  • Robyn said:

    Going to be a fantastic con. I can’t wait to meet Norman Reedus and it is sad that Sean Patrick Flanery has had to pull out due to work commitments, but another Sean has come along, yes Sean Astin, aka Sam from LOTR is coming to Adelaide. AWESOME!

    twitter @spikara

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