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[2 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 7,945 views]
Startup Writer Workshop for lean publishers coming to Adelaide!

Startup Writer Workshop will begin its run in Australia in Adelaide on Saturday 21st December 2013, showing authors how to apply startup principles to publish a profitable book.

Guy Vincent, CEO and Founder of Publishizer, will share his knowledge and expertise on the changing face of the publishing world.

Derived from the lean startup movement, lean publishing focuses on testing a manuscript to validate a market for the book, and introduces crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding techniques…

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[4 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 8,163 views]
Rally to stop the Hillside Mine & save Yorke Peninsula

The proposed Rex Minerals Hillside Mine on the Yorke Peninsula will be one of Australia’s largest open cut mines. South Australians must act before November 8th to protect the local environment and community. There’s a Public Rally in Adelaide at Parliament House on Thursday 7th November at midday to give South Australian’s the opportunity to show their opposition.

The proposed open cut mine will be one of Australia’s largest – the entire Olympic Dam mine would fit within it! Not only is it going to be right on the coast of the pristine St Vincent’s Gulf, but it is also going to be located within five kilometres of four local holiday towns.

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[11 May 2013 | No Comment | 17,326 views]
How to Start-up in Adelaide, and End Up in Silicon Valley

Jindou Lee is the co-founder of Happy Inspector, a tech startup developing iPad apps for property inspectors.

They take traditional pen and paper inspections and make them digital on tablet devices. He’s also the previous co-founder of mobile app development outfit Mighty Kingdom.

In the following interview we wanted to find out how a former Adelaide resident, now successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur got started, kept going and about his career highlights.

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[17 Feb 2013 | No Comment | 9,232 views]
Sullivan and Bok stand up at the Adelaide Fringe

Alex Croker reviews Sullivan and Bok’s February 15th Adelaide Fringe show and talked to them earlier about their comedy work.

Sullivan and Bok are two Melbourne based comedians calling Adelaide home this Fringe Festival. These witty self-confessed ‘hipster magpies’ perform much more individually than as a pair. Though parts of the show do overlap, they are two artists combining to provide a longer show than they would be able to individually.

They’re playing at the Red Room at the Austral Hotel, 15th Feb until 2nd March, 6pm, no shows Mondays. Read more…

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[10 Jan 2013 | One Comment | 17,850 views]
How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur In Adelaide: An Interview With Stuart Snyder

Stuart Snyder was a co-founder of YourAmigo, South Australian exporter of the year in 2008. YourAmigo was incorporated in 1999 and successfully commercialised novel search technology acquired from Flinders University. YourAmigo’s was a technology leader in search marketing, counting many of the world’s top 100 ecommerce companies as companies. YourAmigo’s company headquarters is still in Adelaide.

Stuart grew up in Silicon Valley, starting his career as a CPA with KPMG in San Jose, California and migrated to Adelaide in 1993. In the following interview we wanted to find out how a former Silicon Valley resident, now successful Adelaide entrepreneur got started, kept going and about his career highlights.

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[2 Sep 2012 | No Comment | 6,089 views]
Terrain is where spirit and place meet

This new full length work by choreographer Frances Rings is comprised of nine short pieces, beautifully sitched into a patchwork of landscape inspired wonder. The accessibility of this format impressed me. It is an unique invitation to experience these artists’ interpretation of the indigenous people’s relationship to country, in particular to the vast and changeable waterway, Lake Eyre.

ings’ choreography is idiosyncratic, which, for a 65 minute piece with costume, design and music changes providing colour and impetus, is not such a bad thing. Common themes and motifs linked the short works with a signature mood of fluid connectivity…

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[23 Jul 2012 | No Comment | 12,073 views]
The Write Stuff: Business Writing Workshops in Adelaide

Seeing a ‘there’ where a ‘their’ or a ‘they’re’ should be makes my teeth itch. The greengrocer who sells advocados and brocolli will set them on edge, but I’m trying. It was actually Stephen Fry’s animated essay on language that set me on the road to recovery in my battle against my own judgemental ways. My journey on Twitter has placed me in the company of such wonderful people that I would be undeserving of their support and friendship should I choose to pick up on every misplaced apostrophe, every to that wants an extra o or every loose that needs to lose one. But then a newsletter arrived from my daughter’s school containing two simple, but gratingly obvious apostrophe crimes, and I realised that I could easily overlook causal errors, provided I knew one understood the correct way in the first place. Especially in a professional setting.

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[19 Jul 2012 | No Comment | 6,477 views]
Morton Philips rebrands to excel in Adelaide’s tight employment market

As South Australia’s premier boutique Executive Search firm, Morton Philips recognise it’s a tough market in employment at the moment. They also recognise that sustaining a strong brand identity is the key to success for any business when times are tough.

So Morton Philips have launched a new website and visual identity that reflect their dominant position in the SA marketplace, with innovation, forward thinking and a progressive mindset separating them from the competition. They’ve also introduced new a new offering in ‘Migration and Relocation Services’ which sets them apart.

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[18 Jun 2012 | No Comment | 15,188 views]
Discover local events in Adelaide on Jedo

From a happy childhood in a remote pocket of South Australia, to working in Melbourne’s urban jungle, Anneliese Urquhart has experienced diverse communities.
During years of travelling and moving for work, the 31-year-old social entrepreneur often found herself looking for events in the areas she was visiting. Recently she  launched an innovative website – www.jedo.me – to cater to this need, and connect communities around Australia.

Free and easy to use, Jedo is a second-generation events sharing platform that helps people find, share and host events. Members are notified when events are on that …

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[16 Jun 2012 | No Comment | 9,585 views]
South Australian film Swerves into cinemas

“A suitcase of money, a woman, two men; a lot can happen in the middle of nowhere…” introduces Craig Lahiff’s new genre thriller, SWERVE, whose South Australian opening night is on Thursday 7th June.

Filmed on location in Port Adelaide, Two Wells and the Flinders Ranges, Swerve stars Australian actors Emma Booth (Underbelly), David Lyons (ER) and Jason Clarke, who has
just featured in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

Swerve was filmed in South AustraliaSwerve tells the story of a man caught out in the dry and desolate country with car problems
as he travels to attend a job interview. Coming across a fatal road accident, Colin (David Lyons)
finds a woman shaken up and another man dead…

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[30 Apr 2012 | 2 Comments | 5,066 views]
‘Go the distance’ to help charities fight heart disease & cancer

Do you know that heart disease and cancer together account for nearly two out of three deaths in South Australia each year?

Now there’s a new way that we can all help to raise more than $2 million for better treatment and cures, with registrations now open for go the distance.

Participants are required to raise a minimum of $1,500 with the money raised going towards the research programs supported by four South Australian charities who have joined forces for this fundraising drive: the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation, Heart Foundation, Leukaemia Foundation Australia and Little Heroes Foundation.

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[26 Apr 2012 | No Comment | 7,815 views]
E for Ethel : A treasure under the vines in North Adelaide

Under the vines in the Melbourne Street Gardens Complex, at 116 Melbourne Street North Adelaide, is a shop you need to discover for yourself: E for Ethel.

Owned by operated by Amanda Matulick and Dan Harland, this store is a hidden treasure. They’ve filled the lively space with quality design and craft objects that are more affordable that you’d expect, and have created a homey cafe filled with classic furniture pieces and comfy chairs, perfect for enjoying great coffee and sweet treats.

At E for Ethel you’ll find a range of one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find elsewhere in Adelaide. Amanda seeks out beautiful objects that are handmade, sustainable and (mostly) Australian, with a focus on stocking talented local artists and craftspeople!

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[19 Apr 2012 | 5 Comments | 7,180 views]
Gerry King’s ‘Water’ at the Palmer Sculpture Biennial

We’re fortunate to be able to bring you images of ‘Water’ by renowned Adelaide glass artist and sculptor Gerry King, photographed by Grant Hancock at the Fifth Palmer Sculpture Biennial, held in March 2012.

Here’s how Gerry King described the work:
A key element to existence, water is conspicuously absent from the Palmer landscape for much of the year, for much of the decade, for much of the time that one can imagine has graced this land. There is of course evidence of rain upon this landscape though on a hot windy …

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[11 Apr 2012 | One Comment | 9,409 views]
Mary-Kyri, Adelaide Shoe Designer

Most women can relate to having an obsession for something. Chocolate seems to be a big one we all love. Others have closets full of designer bags, clothes or shoes, or like me have a room full of them all. It never ceases to amaze me how women can turn an obsession into a business.

If you told your significant other that your credit card was totally maxed out was due to purchasing high end luxury shoes, and that you wanted to be the next Manolo Blahnik, most would take your card and chop it up and call you crazy. Not in this case.

In 2004 Mary-Kyri, a local Adelaide girl, had just finished studying Fashion and Design at Marlston TAFE. With 10 shoe designs in her back pocket, and the support of her family and partner, she booked a one way ticket to Italy…

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[9 Apr 2012 | No Comment | 6,541 views]
The Art of the Brick – at the Adelaide Showgrounds

Listed by US news network CNN as one of their top 12 must-see exhibitions, The Art of the Brick is now in Adelaide, opening on Monday 9th April (Easter Monday). In a world-first, New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya uses LEGO® bricks as the sole art medium for this critically acclaimed exhibition which features primarily 3-dimensional sculptures and oversized portraits.

The creations, constructed from nearly one million pieces, were built from standard bricks beginning as early as 2002.

For kids, The Art of the Brick includes Play & Build sessions; a hands on, fun and creative place to visit after experiencing Nathan’s fine art sculptures. The 45 minute sessions are family friendly and for kids from 4 years of age all the way up to “big kids”.